This site is powered by
ePower Trader 2.4.53

  • Proxy detection and 6 anticheat-systems.
  • Builtin Whois, Proxychecker and IP-2-Country analyzer.
  • Country Redirection based on IP location.
  • Automatic disabling of cheating trades.
  • Assign different mainpages and exits for each trade.
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Clean tubes - no bullshit - No geo filtering - visible toplist.

No cheating - we'll catch you sooner or later - your trade will be deleted and "proper actions" will be taken.

Remember - no bots, geo filtering, manually generated hits, no COS software and VideosCash galleries.

No cheating at all - trade 100% fair with us or don't trade at all.

No CP, Warez, Virii, Trojans, Toolbars and other shit like that!

No consoles at all - only 100% clean sites are allowed to trade.

At least 60% must be sent to real content.

If you'll send less than 60% to the galleries your trade will be deleted.

You have to be able to send at least 100 uniques a day to trade with us.

If you can't sent 100 uniques a day - please don't signup.

You must have a visible toplist, so I can see who you trade with.

No freehosts or subdomains

Read this rule twice - We check each trade manually a few times a day.

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